Web Applications Quiz 18

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 18

Q171. Which of the following happens in real-time and the response from participants can be spontaneous?

Q172. Audio and Video calling are features of _______________________

Q173. Which of the following file types can be transferred through Instant messaging?

Q174. Aman and Suman has to do project together. Both wants to share their ideas with each other. Aman's mom suggested _______________ for real time interaction.

Q175. Before starting Google Talk, a _____________ account is required

Q176. Whenever your friend in the contact list of Google Talk is online you can see the person along with a _______________ dot

Q177. Etiquettes to be followed while chatting is __________________________

Q178. Whenever we type our message in uppercase, it gives an impression of ____________ to others.

Q179. To start using Yahoo! Messenger, a _____________ account is required.

Q180. To import your contacts in Yahoo Messenger from other sources such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc., you can use the ____________ option.

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