Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 5

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Q41. To select two drawing objects in Writer, Select one object and hold _____ key and select other object.

Q42. _________ menu have the option to group drawing object in Writer.

Q43. Once we group two or more objects in Writer, we can not ungroup them.(T/F)

Q44. When we right click on drawing object, a _______ menu open.

Q45. Writer is a DTP Software.(T/F)

Q46. Which of the following setting is not used for positioning of graphic?

Q47. _______________ refers to the relation of graphics to the surrounding text.

Q48. _________ refers to the reference point for the graphics.

Q49. Alignment refers to vertical or horizontal placement of graphic. (T/F)

Q50. Four resizing handles(other than the corner handles) resize image only in one dimension.(T/F)

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