Societal Impacts Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Societal Impacts Quiz 2

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Q11. Our digital footprints are stored in local web browser in the form of ____________________

Q12. Our digital foot prints are stored in ____________________

Q13. Digital footprints can be used to ________________

Q14. Anyone who uses digital technology along with Internet is a ________________

Q15. In this era of digital society, we can do _____________

Q16. Which of the following are Net Etiquette?

Q17. Being a responsible digital citizen, we should __________________

Q18. Online posting of rumours, giving threats online, posting the victim’s personal information, comments aimed to publicly ridicule a victim is termed as ____________

Q19. ___________________ is a person who deliberately sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory or off topic messages in an online community.

Q20. Digital communication includes ____________________

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