Internet & Web Quiz 12

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Welcome to your Internet & Web Quiz 12

Q111. In Mozilla Firefox, menu button is present in _______________ corner of the window.

Q112. In Mozilla Firefox, which of the following has option to set the home page of the browser?

Q113. In Mozilla Firefox, which of the following has options to secure the browser and data?

Q114. Identify the tools that help to extend and modify the functionality of the browser.

Q115. A ______________ is a complete program or may be a third-party software.

Q116. _____________ is not a complete program and so is used to add only a particular functionality to the browser.

Q117. A _____________ is a text file, containing a string of information, which is transferred by the website to the browser when we browse it.

Q118. We can disable cookies by changing the settings from ________________ in Mozilla Firefox browser..

Q119. A web server is a program or a computer that provides services to other programs or computers called ___________

Q120. Examples of VoIP app is ____________________

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