Green Skills Class 9 Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Green Skills Class 9 Quiz 1

Q1. Everything that surround us (living or non living) constitute ___________________

Q2. The physical environment of school includes _________________________

Q3. The sociocultural environment is manifested by the school with _______________

Q4. Villagers are dependent on forests, grasslands, rivers, seashores, for resources like ______________

Q5. Farmers can grow more food by using ____________

Q6. Overuse of chemicals in fields, will led to soil ___________________

Q7. We should plan the maintenance of the areas in a sustainable manner so that we can enjoy the good environment. This can be achieved by _______________

Q8. Which article of the constitution of India contains specific provisions for the protection and improvement of environmental quality

Q9. People live together in villages, cities, states and countries, thus forming a _________________

Q10. The industrial development and intensive agriculture uses up large amounts of natural resources like ____________

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