ICT Skills Class 9 Quiz 4

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Welcome to your ICT Skills Class 9 Quiz 4

Q31. In smartphone __________ is used to go to the previous screen in an application.

Q32. Which button helps to increase or reduce the sound of your mobile?

Q33. Which part of mobile help us to listen the voice of others during call?

Q34. In mobile we speak into the _____________ when we talk to someone.

Q35. Which of the following is a short-range wireless technology in smartphone?

Q36. Which of the following is a wireless network technology that helps you connect to the Internet?

Q37. First screen of smartphone is called ________________

Q38. The top part of the screen is called __________________

Q39. Which of the following in mobile shows the icons of network signal, battery life etc.?

Q40. In Mobile, home screen has ________ main parts.

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