Inbuilt Function Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Inbuilt Function Quiz 3

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Q21. The process of dividing a computer program into separate independent blocks of code with different names and specific functionalities is known as ______________.

Q22. Advantage of using function is/are

Q23. _____________ can be defined as a named group of instructions that accomplish a specific task when it is invoked.

Q24. A function can be called ________ from anywhere in the program.

Q25. What is the purpose of following statement?

def check():

Q26. Use of functions in a program makes it __________

Q27. Functions which can be used directly in a program are stored in ________ library.

Q28. A function defined to achieve some task as per the programmer's requirement is called a __________

Q29. A function definition begins with ___________

Q30. Function header always ends with a __________

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