DataFrame Quiz 5

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Welcome to your DataFrame Quiz 5

Q41. Which of the following are ways of indexing to access Data elements in a DataFrame?

Q42. DataFrame.loc[ ] is an important method that is used for ______________ with DataFrames

Q43. The following statement will return the column as a __________

>>> DF.loc[:,'Name'] #DF is a DataFrame object

Q44. The following two statement will return ______________

>>> DF.loc[:,'Name'] #DF is a DataFrame object
>>> DF['Name'] #DF is a DataFrame object

Q45. The following statement will display ____________________ rows of DataFrame 'DF'

print(df.loc[[True, False,True]])

Q46. We can use the ____________ method to merge two DataFrames

Q47. We can merge/join only those DataFrames which have same number of columns.(T/F)

Q48. What we are doing in the following statement?

>>> dF1=dF1.append(dF2) #dF1 and dF2 are DataFrame object

Q49. ____________ parameter is used in append( ) function of DataFrame to get the column labels in sorted order.

Q50. ________________ parameter of append()method may be set to True when we want to raise an error if the row labels are duplicate.

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