Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 8

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 8

Q71. Worksheets can be merged from ________ menu.

Q72. When sharing worksheets authors may forget to record the changes they make. Calc can find the changes by _____________ worksheets

Q73. Edited worksheet can be compared with the original worksheet by selecting

Q74. A ____________ is a saved sequence of commands or keystrokes that are stored for later use

Q75. Macros are especially useful to _________ a task.

Q76. Use __________ Macro to start the macro recorder.

Q77. Click ___________ to stop the macro recorder

Q78. To edit macro, go to

Q79. Function names in Calc are not case sensitive.(T/F)

Q80. When a document is created and saved, it automatically contains a library named _______________

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