Green Skill Class 9 Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Green Skill Class 9 Quiz 5

Q41. Which of the following is not a green house gas?

Q42. Which layer of atmosphere protect us from harmful radiation?

Q43. Which of the following is an Ozone depleting substance?

Q44. ___________ is a natural disaster.

Q45. There are three Rs which we can apply for saving the environment. These 3R's stands for _________________

Q46. "Do not use what you do not need." This statement refers to which 'R' of 3R?

Q47. Aman's mother is making pillow covers out of used shirts. Which 'R' out of 3R she is following?

Q48. Conservation is the proper management of a natural resources to prevent its _______________

Q49. Soil conservation means ___________________

Q50. Planting of trees and vegetation again where we cut previously to reduces soil erosion is called ________________

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