Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 9

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 9

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Q81. Which of the following is not correct about Macro?

Q82. Rama wants to repeat a task again and again in Calc? Which of the following will help her to automate the task?

Q83. Record Macro option is available in ______________ menu.

Q84. The Record Macro dialog box is displayed with a ____________ recording button

Q85. In OpenOffice Calc, Paste Special option is available in _____________ menu.

Q86. Which of the following operation can be selected in Paste Special dialog box?

Q87. What happen when Raman clicked on Stop Recording button of Macro Recorder?

Q88. Function names in Open Office Calc is _________________

Q89. The _________________ library is automatically loaded when the document containing Macro is opened.

Q90. Arguments passed to a macro from Calc are always ___________________

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