100+ MYSQL Viva Questions class 12 Important for Practical Exam

MYSQL Viva Questions for Practical Exam CLICK FOR CLASS 12 COMPUTER SCIENCE PRACTICAL QUESTION PAPER (SOLVED) Click for Python Viva Questions Q1. What is DBMS? Q2. What is the full form of RDBMS. Q3. Give two example of DBMS. Q4. What is table in DBMS? Q5. What is record in a table? Q6. What is … Read more

Latest Practical Question Paper of CBSE Class 12 Computer Science 2020-21 with Solutions

Practical Question Paper Class 12 Computer Science 2020-21 Practical Exam Question Paper Class 12 Computer Science 2020-21 SET – 1 AISSCE Practical Examination 2020 – 2021 COMPUTER SCIENCE – 083 Time : 3:00hrs                                                                                            M.M. – 30 Q1. A binary file “Book.dat” has structure [BookNo,  Book_Name,  Author, Price]. a) Write a user defined function CreateFile() to … Read more

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