Communication Skills Class 10 Quiz-3

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Welcome to your Communication Skills Class 10 Quiz-3

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Q21. Two friends discussing about homework is an example of ___________________
Q22. Aman is writing an email to his Boss for leave. This mode of communication is an example of ________________
Q23. Social media chats, reports, SMS is an example of ________________
Q24. Communication in which more than two people are involved and each participant can interact with each other is an example of ____________
Q25. __________________ takes place when one individual addresses a large gathering.
Q26. Two people talking to each other over phone or video call is an example of __________________
Q27. Simran is going to speak in morning assembly in her school. Which of the following points she should focus during her speech.
Q28. Which of the following is an example of oral communication?
Q29. What are the types of words we should use for verbal communication?
Q30. Why do we use e-mails?

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