Web Applications Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 3

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Q21. A computer network allows sharing of resources and information.(T/F)

Q22. A computer network is a collection of 2 or __________ computers.

Q23. P2P stands for ________________

Q24. A Network in which all computers have an equal status is called ________________

Q25. The computer(s) which provide services are called _____________

Q26. Networks in which certain computers have special dedicated tasks, providing services to other computers (in the network) are called

Q27. A computer who make a request for services in Client Server Architecture is called _____________

Q28. A __________ network is one which connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area such as home, school etc.

Q29. Printer, Scanner can also be connected in Computer network.(T/F)

Q30. Internet is an example of ___________

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