Societal Impacts Quiz 4

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Welcome to your Societal Impacts Quiz 4

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Q31. Data that can cause substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience and unfairness to an individual, if breached or compromised, is called _________________

Q32. Example of sensitive data is _______________

Q33. IPR stands for __________________________

Q34. Code of the software will be protected by _______________

Q35. Functional expression of the idea/invention will be protected by _______________

Q36. The name and logo of the software will be protected by _______________

Q37. Intellectual Property is legally protected through ________________

Q38. The ____________ include right to copy (reproduce) a work, right to distribute copies of the work to the public, and right to publicly display or perform the work.

Q39. To use copyrighted material, one needs to obtain a license from owner.(T/F)

Q40. A __________ provide an exclusive right to prevent others from using, selling, or distributing the protected invention

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1 thought on “Societal Impacts Quiz 4”

  1. I think the answer for question no. 40 should be the third one i.e. patent
    As, patent is the right to protect the invention.


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