Self-Management Skills Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills Quiz 1

Q1. ___________ stress makes a person worrisome, less productive and may lead to various psychosomatic disorders.

Q2. Stress refers to _________strain/tension.

Q3. _________ refers to human efforts for maintaining healthy body and mind..

Q4. Stress causal agents are

Q5. Students may feel _________ stress if they are unable to submit their assignment.

Q6. Issues related to health of an individual can lead to low self-esteem and cause ___________stress.

Q7. Importance of stress management is/are :

Q8. Breathlessness, dry mouth, butterflies in stomach, indigestion etc are sign of ________ stress.

Q9. Stress management prevents ________________

Q10. Irritation, impatience, loneliness, upset mood, anxiety are ______ sign of stress.

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