Basic ICT Skills Class 10 IT 402 Important Questions (Solved)

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Basic ICT Skills Class 10

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Q1. Mention any three functions of operating system.

Ans. Three functions of operating system are : (Write any three)

1 It checks whether the device is functioning properly or not.

2. It controls software resources of the computer.

3. It manages the computer memory

4. It manages the structure of the files and directories on a computer system.

5. It keeps track of the amount of disk space used by a specific file.

6. It allows you to create, copy, move and delete files

Q2. What is the name given to the screen that appears after Windows operating system is loaded?

Ans. Desktop

Q3. Small images on the desktop are called _________

Ans. Icons

Q4. Name two common icons on the Desktop .

Ans. Two common icons on the Desktop are

a. Computer Icon

b. Recycle bin

Q5. Name the icon that provides access to all the drives, files and folders on a computer.

Ans. Computer icon provides access to all the drives, files and folders.

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

Q6. Name the button to the left of the taskbar.

Ans. Start Button

Q7. Picture for the desktop background is called ____________

Ans. Wallpaper

Q8. Write any four components of Windows 7 Desktop.

Ans. Four components of Windows 7 Desktop are :

a. Taskbar

b. Wallpaper

c. Icons

d. Start Button

Q9. Taskbar is the long horizontal bar present at the ________________ of the screen.

Ans. Bottom

Q10. To left of the Taskbar is the ___________(Start button, Date/Time) and to the right appears ________________ (Start button, Date/Time)

Ans. Start button, Date/Time

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

Q11. Files and folders deleted by the user are stored in the _________

Ans. Recycle Bin

Q12. To change the name of the folder, right-click and select _______________option from the Shortcut menu.

Ans. Rename

Q13. Expand GUI and CUI.

Ans. GUI : Graphical User Interface

CUI : Character User Interface

Q14. Windows Operating System is an example of ______ (GUI / CUI)

Ans. GUI

Q15. Disk Operating System is an example of ___________ (GUI / CUI)

Ans. CUI

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

Q16. How can you delete a folder?

Ans. To delete a file or a folder:

  1. Click the file or the folder.
  2. Press the Delete key.
    Right-click and select Delete option from the Shortcut menu.

Q17. Name the place where deleted files are placed.

Ans. Recycle Bin

Q18. How can you empty the recycle Bin?

Ans. We can empty the recycle Bin

Right-click the Recycle Bin icon and then
click Empty Recycle Bin.

  1. Double-click the Recycle Bin icon.
  2. The Recycle Bin window appears.
  3. Click Empty the Recycle Bin.

Q19. What is the possible cause of slowing down of computer?

Ans. A large number of files are stored on the computer. These files can be disorganized and fragmented
and may result in slowing down of the computer.

Q20. Why keyboard should be covered if not in use?

Ans. Dirt and dust can cause damage to the keyboard. Keys of the keyboard may not function properly if dirt enters the keys.

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

Q21. What general precautions should you take while cleaning the computer/components?

Ans. General precautions to be taken while cleaning the computer components are:

a. Always Power Off the computer system before cleaning.

b. Do not allow the cleaning liquid to drip near the circuit board.

c. Never spray cleaning fluid directly on the component of the computer. First spray the liquid on the cloth and then wipe the component.

Q22. List some of the maintenance activities for the computer system.

Ans. Some of the maintenance activities are:

1 Keep the components of the computer, like keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. clean.

2. Replace hardware that is not functioning properly

3. Keep food items away from the computer.

4. Cables and chords should not be messed up

Q23. Why regular disk defragmentation should be done?

Ans. A regular disk defragmentation should be done to remove all unnecessary information that slows
down the computer. Disk defragmentation done at regular intervals helps the disc space to be used
at an optimal level.

Q24. Mention few ways in which a computer gets infected with virus.

Ans. A computer can get infected with virus in any of the following ways:

a. Infected files

b. Infected pen drives

c. Infected CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs

d. Through infected file attachment of e-mails

Q25. Can computer virus infect hardware?

Ans. No

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

Q26. What are the common signs of a virus attack?

Ans. Some of the common signs of a virus attack are:

a. Computer runs very slow

b. There is change in the file size.

c. Computer often stops responding.

d. There is an increase in number of files (unusual)

e. Unusual error message appears on the screen.

f. Computer restarts on its own.

Q27. How can you prevent your computer from virus infection?

Ans. To prevent our computer from being infected with virus, we should install anti-virus software, run it
periodically and keep it updated

Q28. What is the use of antivirus software? Name any two commonly used anti-virus software.

Ans. Antivirus software is used to detect and remove malicious programs from the computer.
Some examples of antivirus software are McAfee Virus Scan, Norton AntiVirus, Microsoft Security essentials, and Quick Heal.

Q29. How are temporary files created in computer?

Ans. Temporary files are created when you are running computer programs. Microsoft Windows and Windows programs often create a .TMP file as a temporary file. Temporary files are also created by web browsers to store your web browser history.

Q30. Why we should remove temporary files from the computer?

Ans. Temporary files take up a large amount of disk space and makes the computer slow so should be removed to clear space.

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

Q31. Identify which of the following is a temporary file.
a. Project.docx
b. Mathsite.tmp

Ans. Mathsite.tmp

Q32. How can you select all the files in a folder using the keyboard?

Ans. Press Ctrl + A, to select all the files in the folder.

Q33. Which key combination will you press to get the Run dialog box?

Ans. Press Windows button + R on the keyboard to get the Run dialog box

Q34. What command will you write in the Run dialog box to open the Temp folder?

Ans. %temp%

Q35. What are cookies?

Ans. Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer when you visit a website on the internet.

Q36. What is a firewall in computing?

Ans. A computer firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on user-defined security rules.

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Basic ICT Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

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Basic ICT Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Basic ICT Skills Class 10

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