Societal Impacts Quiz 7

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Welcome to your Societal Impacts Quiz 7

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Q61. The owner of a work can create _______________ different types of CC licenses.

Q62. _______________ is defined as a crime in which computer is the medium of crime.

Q63. Which of the following is cyber crime?

Q64. A __________ is some lines of malicious code that can copy itself and can have detrimental effect on the computers, by destroying data or corrupting the system.

Q65. _______________ is the act of unauthorised access to a computer, computer network or any digital system.

Q66. Hacking, when done with a positive intent, is called __________________

Q67. Which of the following is called black hat hacker?

Q68. Which of the following is white hat hacker?

Q69. Primary focus of ___________ is on security cracking and data stealing.

Q70. Hackers try to break security system _______________________

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