100+ Best MCQ Introduction to Computer Networks Class 12

Introduction to Computer Networks Q1. A group of two or more similar things or people interconnected with each other is called ________________ a. Internet b. Intranet c. Network d. Net Q2. Which of the following are examples of network in our everyday life ? a. Social Network b. Mobile Network c. Airlines network. d. All … Read more

60+ Dictionary Python Best MCQ Class 11

Dictionary Python MCQ Q1. Keys of dictionary must be _______________ a. antique b. unique c. mutable d. integers Q2. Dictionaries in python are _________________. a. Mutable data type b. Non-Mutable data type c. Mapping data type d. Both a and c Q3. Which of the following is used to delete an element from Dictionary? a. … Read more

100+ Important MCQ on Flow of Control in Python

Flow of Control in Python Q1. Python executes one statement after another from beginning to the end of the program. This is a ________________ a. Selection Construct b. Sequential Construct c. Iteration Construct d. None of the above Q2. The order of execution of the statements in a program is known as ______ a. flow … Read more

Best 120+ Python Functions MCQ Class 12 CS

Python Functions MCQ Class 12 CS Python Functions MCQ Class 12 CS Q1. The process of dividing a computer program into separate independent blocks of code with specific functionalities is known as _________. a. Programming b. Modular Programming c. More Programming d. Step Programming Q2. ____________________ can be defined as a named group of instructions … Read more

100+ Python One Mark Questions with Answers Important Class 12

Python One Mark Questions with Answers for Class 12 According to CBSE Latest Sample Paper – 2022. There are 18 Questions in Section A including Assertion and Reasoning . Each Question is of One Mark. Student has to attempt all the questions. Division is as follows according to CBSE Sample Paper. Further Analytics of Questions. … Read more

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