Python Fundamentals Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Python Fundamentals Quiz 6

Q51. Write the output of the following:

x = int(7) + int ('9')

Q52. Out of addition(+) and Subtraction (-) operator, which has more precedence?

Q53. Which of the following statement will return error when x = 7 ?

Q54. Which of the following store data in pair?

Q55. What is the return type of function id()?

Q56. An ordered set of instructions to be executed by a computer to carry out a specific task is called ______________

Q57. Computers understand the language of 0s and 1s which is called _________

Q58. A program written in a high-level language is called ______________ code

Q59. Python uses ________________ to convert its instructions into machine language.

Q60. Language translator convert ______ code to _______ code.

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