Entrepreneurial Skills Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Entrepreneurial Skills Quiz 1

Q1. __________ is the type of self-employment where one is running a business to satisfy the needs of people and looking for ways to make the business better.

Q2. Which of the following are the qualities of successful entrepreneurs?

Q3. ______________ are people who work for a person or an organization and get paid for that work.

Q4. ______________________ people are those who start businesses to satisfy the needs of people.

Q5. A self employed person who is always trying to make his/her business better by taking risks and trying new ideas is called __________________

Q6. Ramya and Ramu both own plant shops. Ramu sits at his shop every day. When customers come, he sells to them. Ramya walks around and gets customers to her shop. She also sells seeds and flowers. Who is Entrepreneur out of Ramya and Ramu.

Q7. What do entrepreneurs do when they run their business?

Q8. Qualities of successful entrepreneurs are.

Q9. Ravi’s customer comes to his store and starts shouting at him. He does not get angry. He listens to what his customer is saying. He is ____________.

Q10. Susheela decides to sell her company tyres in Sri Lanka. It does not sell and she has a loss. She apologises to the people who work for her. She says she will plan better next time. She _____________

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