Societal Impacts Quiz 9

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Welcome to your Societal Impacts Quiz 9

Q81. ______________ is a branch of science that deals with designing or arranging workplaces including the furniture, equipments and systems so that it becomes safe and comfortable for the user.

Q82. Bad posture of using computer may cause _________________

Q83. What we have to ensures to maintain good health of a computer system?

Q84. After practicals, Atharv left the computer laboratory but forgot to sign off from his email account. Later, his classmate Revaan started using the same computer. He is now logged in as Atharv. He sends inflammatory email messages to few of his classmates using Atharv’s email account. Revaan’s activity is an example of which of the following cyber crime?

Q85. Rishika found a crumpled paper under her desk. She picked it up and opened it. It contained some text which was struck off thrice. But she could still figure out easily that the struck off text was the email ID and password of Garvit, her classmate. What is ethically correct for Rishika to do?

Q86. Ravi downloaded a software from internet (free of cost) and moreover the source code of the software is also available which can be modified. What category of software is this?

Q87. Proprietary software is a software which is available _____________________

Q88. Which of the following is not a cyber crime?

Q89. In India ___________________ law provides guidelines to the user on the processing, storage and transmission of sensitive information.

Q90. Digital signature is the scanned copy of physical signature.(T/F)

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