Web Applications Quiz 14

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 14

Q131. Which of the following are impairment that impact computer usage?

Q132. ADHD stands for ___________________

Q133. Accessibility Options in Control Panel are used to customize __________________

Q134. Which of the following key help to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes, making typing easier for people with hand tremors.?

Q135. When ToggleKeys is turned on, computer emits sound cues when the locking keys (Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock) are pressed. A high sound is emitted when the keys are switched ______________ and a low sound is emitted when they are switched ____________

Q136. Use Soundsentry and use showsounds are options available in ___________ tab of Accessibility Options window.

Q137. Which of the following option is not available on Keyboard tab of Accessibility Options Window?

Q138. Once the Filter key is active, it's icon appears in the _________________

Q139. Cursor Options is an accessibility feature that assists people with ____________ impairment

Q140. In Cursor option, we can change the _____________ and _____________ of the cursor.

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