Web Applications Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 1

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Q1. Computer Accessibility refers to the user friendliness of a computer system.(T/F)

Q2. A person with disability or impairment can not use computer. (T/F)

Q3. Computer Accessibility or friendliness of computer is known as ___________

Q4. Identify the cognitive impairment from the following.

Q5. Keyboard Accessibility options are useful for those which have ____________

Q6. In windows XP we can access accessibility options in _________

Q7. Which of the following tab is not available in Accessibility options window (in Windows XP)

Q8. __________ keys are used to reduce repetitive strain.

Q9. Which of the following is a modifier key?

Q10. Which of the following options allow us to press Ctrl key and 'A' key separately.

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