Digital Presentation Quiz 7

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Welcome to your Digital Presentation Quiz 7

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Q61. _______________ view shows only slide text inside the Workspace in the form of a structure.

Q62. Which of the following view is used to add notes to a slide?

Q63. _______________ view is suitable for rearranging the slide order by drag and drop.

Q64. Which of the following text alignment is not available in LibreOffice Impress?

Q65. To make the text bold ____________

Q66. Keyboard Shortcut of Increase Font Size is ___________

Q67. Decrease Font Size icon shows _____________ arrow.

Q68. Which of the following option help us to write the formula of water.

Q69. Keyboard Shortcut of Superscript is ______________

Q70. Which of the following option raises the selected text above baseline?

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