Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 1

Q1. ______ allows you to gather data from different worksheets into a master worksheet.

Q2. Consolidate option is available under _________ menu.

Q3. Data can be consolidated from two sheets only.(T/F)

Q4. We can consolidate data by __________

Q5. Which of the following functions are available in consolidate window?

Q6. In which option we have to specify the target range(Where we want the result to be displayed)

Q7. If you select ________ then any values modified in the source range are automatically updated in the target range.

Q8. Which option is used to name a range of cells?

Q9. Define range option is available under _______ menu.

Q10. The text in the row label or column label must be identical, otherwise, new row or column will be inserted.(T/F)

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