Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 5

Q41. Absolute link will stop working only if the target is moved(T/F)

Q42. A relative link will stop working only if the target is moved.(T/F)

Q43. if you have two spreadsheets in the same folder linked to each other and you move the entire folder to a new location, a relative hyperlink will

Q44. Hyperlink option is available in _________ menu.

Q45. Hyperlink icon is present on

Q46. Hyperlink dialog box shows ________ types of hyperlinks on left hand side.

Q47. We can link a text in spreadsheet to any Web URL.(T/F)

Q48. Hyperlink dialog box shows ____________ options on left hand side.

Q49. Link to external data is present in _______ menu.

Q50. To register a data source in OpenOffice.org

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