ICT Skills Class 9 Quiz 14

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Welcome to your ICT Skills Class 9 Quiz 14

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Q131. What do I need to get information from the World Wide Web?

Q132. In an email, the part after the ‘@’ symbol is the _____________ of e-mail service.

Q133. Which of the following are popular email providers?

Q134. Outlook is an email provider run by _________________

Q135. Here are the steps to sign in to your Gmail account.

  1. Type username 
  2. Go to www.gmail.com
  3. Click Sign in 
  4. Type password
Choose the option with the correct order.

Q136. Which of the following is an e-mail service?

Q137. Which one of the following statements is false?

Q138. Which of the following is free email service?

Q139. In Gmail, click on ______________ to open a new message window.

Q140. Raman wants to send a birthday greeting to his friend. In which of the following section, he will write "Happy Birthday"?

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