Digital Documentation Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation Quiz 6

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Q51. Mouse pointer changes to _________ shape, while moving it around the screen.

Q52. Shortcut key for Undo is ____________

Q53. Shortcut key for Redo is ____________

Q54. Undo Command is available in _______ menu.

Q55. Shortcut to open an existing file.

Q56. Shortcut to cut is __________

Q57. Shortcut to copy is __________

Q58. Shortcut to paste is __________

Q59. Which key combinations are used for moving text?

Q60. Paste option is available in _______ menu.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Documentation Quiz 6”

  1. Sir, answer to 51 question is wrong as the shape changes which is similar to capital letter ” i “, which has horizontal lines both up and down.


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