Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 3

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Q21. Which option is suitable to calculate the effect of different interest rates on an investment

Q22. Default name of first scenario created in Sheet1 of Calc is _________

Q23. To select random multiple cell hold down ____ key as you click on each cell.

Q24. Goal Seek Option available in ________ menu.

Q25. Comment in Create Scenario dialog box is Optional(T/F)

Q26. We can give different colors to different scenario?(T/F)

Q27. __________ is more elaborate form of Goal Seek.

Q28. Solver option is available under _______ menu.

Q29. We can link one worksheet to another worksheet.(T/F)

Q30. We can not add/insert more sheets in a spreadsheet.(T/F)

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