Functions Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Functions Quiz 1

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Q1. The process of dividing a computer program into separate independent blocks of code with specific functionalities is known as _____________________.
Q2. ___________ can be defined as a named group of instructions that accomplish a specific task when it is invoked/called.
Q3. In a program, a function can be called _____________ times.
Q4. Which keyword is used to begin the definition of a function?
Q5. Which of the following statement is a function call?
Q6. Which of the following are advantages of using function in program?
Q7. Function defined to achieve some task as per the programmer's requirement is called a _______________________
Q8. Functions which are already defined in python is called a _______________________
Q9. Which of the following statement is not true regarding functions?
Q10. Which of the following statement is outside the function "sum"?

def sum():
        a = int(input("Enter number"))#Statement 1
        b = int(input("Enter number")) #Statement 2
s = a + b #Statement 3
print(s) #Statement 4

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