Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 7

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 7

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Q61. Which feature of Calc help to see the changes made in the shared worksheet?

Q62. To activate the record changes feature in shared worksheet

Q63. A __________ colored border, appears around a cell where changes were made in shared worksheet.

Q64. A deleted column or row in shared worksheet is marked by a _________ colored bar.

Q65. Record Changes feature of Calc help

Q66. Which of the following changes are not recorded in shared worksheet?

Q67. We can add a comment regarding any changes made in shared worksheet by

Q68. After adding comment to a changed cell of shared worksheet, we can see it by hovering the mouse pointer over the cell(T/F)

Q69. Anil is the author of shared worksheet so he has the right to accept or reject changes made by the reviewers.(T/F)

Q70. "Accept or Reject Changes" dialog box (for shared worksheet) can be opened by clicking on

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