Self-Management Skills Quiz 4

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills Quiz 4

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Q31. _________ are a set of dreams with a deadline to get them.

Q32. __________ is all about finding and listing your goals and then planning on how to achieve them.

Q33. We can use ___________ method to set goals.

Q34. Goals should be _______________

Q35. Which of the following is an un realistic goal?

Q36. ______________ is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours of your day well and do all that you want to do.

Q37. Time management is the thinking skill that helps you to _______________

Q38. Sameera is always punctual at school. She has a regular schedule that she follows everyday. Nisha usually arrives late to work. She does not submit her assignments on time. She sometimes forget the main task. Who is better in Time Management Skill?

Q39. What is 'S' in SMART method of Goal Setting?

Q40. Qualities of Self-motivated People is/are _____________

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