Review of Python Quiz 3

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Q21. A list can have another list as an item.(T/F)

Q22. median method belongs to __________ module.

Q23. How many variables can come on left hand side of assignment statement?

Q24. Keywords can be used as an identifier.(T/F)

Q25. The following statement will return _________


Q26. Write the output of the following:


Q27. Which of the following is invalid identifier?

Q28. How many types of operators are used in the following statement?

3+3*2 > 2+3-4 and 5%2**5

Q29. Write the output of the folowing:

A = ['a','b','c','d','e']
for i in A[2:5]:

Q30. Write the output of the following.

A = ['abcde','bacde','cabde','dabce','eabcd']
for i in A:

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