Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 2

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Q11. In LibreOffice Calc, Row headings are in ____________

Q12. _________ contains the menus with commands for various tasks.

Q13. _________ is located just below the Title bar.

Q14. ____________ is the shortcut to exit LibreOffice.

Q15. Cut, Copy, Paste options are available in ___________ menu.

Q16. Insert Cells, Insert Rows, Insert Columns options are available in ____________ menu.

Q17. Placing the mouse cursor over any icon displays a small box called ___________ which gives a brief explanation of the icon.

Q18. ________ shows the address of Active Cell.

Q19. The Worksheet in Calc is also referred to as ____________.

Q20. Columns are ______________ in the table.

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