Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 5

Q41. LibreOffice Calc uses ___________ operator for division.

Q42. Which of the following symbol is used for exponentiation(power) in LibreOffice Calc?

Q43. Evaluate the following :

= (5*4)^2

Q44. Evaluate the following :

= 16/(4^2)

Q45. Evaluate the following :


Q46. Which operator in the given expression has the highest priority?


Q47. Which of the following operator has the highest priority?

Q48. If we forgot to put the ‘=’ before the formula, it will be treated as a ______________

Q49. When we enter an equal sign (‘=’) in any cell, then _____________gets activated automatically.

Q50. Which of the following is a valid way of writing formula ?

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