ICT Skills Quiz 7

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Welcome to your ICT Skills Quiz 7

Q61. VIRUS is an acronym for

Q62. A _______________ is a software program that attaches itself to other programs and alters their behavior.

Q63. A computer virus can infect only ____________

Q64. A computer can get infected with virus by

Q65. A computer virus cannot ________________

Q66. Common signs of a virus attack is/are :

Q67. To prevent virus infection we should

Q68. Which of the following is an Antivirus?

Q69. An anti-virus program can be effective when

Q70. Characteristics of computer virus is :

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8 thoughts on “ICT Skills Quiz 7”

  1. Question number 68, option C is wrong right?
    Hope the CSIP learning hub will correct it as soon as they can as it may cause trouble to other students also.
    Nanda (2021-2022)


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