Communication Skill Class 9 IT 402 Book Solution

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Communication Skill Class 9

communication skill class 9 Book Solution
communication skill class 9 Book Solution

Communication Skill Class 9

A. Multiple choice questions

Read the questions carefully and circle the letter (a), (b), (c) or (d) that best answers the question

Q1. What is the purpose of communication?

a. Inform (tell someone about something)

b. Influence (get someone to do something you want)

c. Share thoughts, ideas, feelings

d. All of the above

Q2. Which of the following methods are used to receive information from the sender through a letter?

a. Listening

b. Speaking

c. Reading

d. Writing

Q3. How do you receive information on phone?

a. Listening

b. Speaking

c. Reading

d. Writing

Q4. Choose the correct example of oral communication

a. Reports

b. Newspapers

c. Face-to-face conversation

d. Notes

Q5. When we communicate verbally, we should use _____________.

a. difficult words

b. simple words

c. confusing words

d. abbreviations

Communication Skill Class 9

Q6. Why do we send emails?

a. To reach on time

b. To share documents and files

c. To talk to each other

d. To meet each other

Q7. Which of these is a positive (good) facial expression?

a. Staring hard

b. Nodding while listening

c. Wrinkled forehead

d. Looking away from the speaker

Q8. What does an upright (straight) body posture convey/show?

a. Shyness

b. Fear

c. Confidence

d. Intelligence

Q9. Which of these is not an appropriate non-verbal communication at work?

a. Putting arm around a coworker’s shoulder

b. Shaking hands firmly

c. Looking at the speaker with a smile

d. Standing with an upright posture

Q10. When you are preparing for a presentation, you should

a. focus on the objectives of the presentation

b. practice your speech in front of a mirror or friend

c. do rehearsals to time your presentation of slides

d. All of the above

Communication Skill Class 9

Q11. What is a sentence?

a. A group of ideas that form a complete paragraph

b. A group of words that communicate a complete thought

c. A set of rules that we must follow to write correctly

d. A set of words that contains all the basic punctuation marks

Q12. Which of these sentences use uppercase letters correctly?

a. I am Hungry

b. Divya and sunil are reading

c. The bucket is Full of water

d. She lives in Delhi.

Q13. Which of these sentences are punctuated correctly?

a. Where are you going

b. I have a pen a notebook and a pencil.

c. I am so happy to see you!

d. This is Abdul’s house.

Q14. Identify the subject in the sentence, “The children played football.”

a. The children

b. Children played

c. Played

d. Football

Q15. Identify the object in the sentence, “The children played

a. The children

b. Children played

c. Played

d. Football

Communication Skill Class 9

Q16. Which of these sentences has both indirect and direct

a. I am watching TV.

b. She bought a blue pen.

c. The girls played cricket.

d. He wrote his sister a letter

Q17. Which of these sentences is in passive voice?

a. They are watching a movie.

b. The clock was repaired by Raju.

c. He is sleeping in the room.

d. My pet dog bit the postman.

Q18. What is phonetics?

a. It is the study of how we write words in English

b. It is the study of how people understand sentences.

c. It is the study of how many words the English language has.

d. It is the study of the sounds we make when we speak.

Q19. What are the different types of sounds used in English

a. Vowel sounds

b. Diphthong sounds

c. Consonant sounds

d. All of the above

Q20. You say ‘Good Morning’ when it is ___.

a. 11 am

b. 9 am

c. 8 am

d. All of the above

Communication Skill Class 9

Q21. You may say ‘Hi’ when you meet ___.

a. your teacher in class

b. a senior in the office

c. your Principal

d. your friends at a shop

Q22. You say ‘Good Afternoon’ when it is _____________.

a. 10 am

b. 11.59 am

c. 6 pm

d. 1 pm

Q23. You say ‘Good Evening’ when it is ________.

a. 11 am

b. 9 am

c. 2 pm

d. 7 pm

Q24. Use the following words to complete the form given below.

football and swimming, seven-years-old, Hassan, Yasmin, in Bengaluru.

(a) My first name is ____________________.
(b) My surname is ______________ .
(c) I am ______________ .
(d) I live _____________.
(e) I like ____________.

Q25. A postal code is ____________________.

a. a group of numbers or letters used to identify a government building.

b. a code used to indicate the door number of a house.

c. a group of numbers or letters used by the post office to identify a region.

d. a code used to identify different post offices.

Communication Skill Class 9

Q26. Raju is the class monitor. He wants to know why Ramesh is coming late every day. Which of the following is a question that Raju can ask Ramesh?

a. Do you come on time?

b. Are you late?

c. Why are you late every day?

d. Will it not be easier to complete your work if you come on time?

Q27. If you have not understood a task given to you, which
question should you ask?

a. Where are the reports of this task?

b. Can you repeat the instructions for this task?

c. Can you give me an example of this task?

d. Why are you doing this task?

Q28. Sheela does not have time so she decides to delay a task. Which question should she ask before ignoring the task?

a. What is this task?

b. When does this task need to be completed?

c. Is this task important?

d. No need to ask any question.

Q29. Renuka is joining a new school. Which of the following
questions will help her become comfortable with her new classmates?

a. How long have you been studying here?

b. Would you like to share my lunch?

c. What do you all do in your free time?

d. All the options are correct.

Q30. What are close-ended questions?

a. Questions that can have any answer

b. Questions that do not have answers

c. Questions with yes/no answers

d. Questions that have many answers

Communication Skill Class 9

Q31. Which of these are open-ended questions?

a. Where do you live?

b. Are you hungry?

c. How do you feel?

d. Did you meet him?

Q32. Which of these are not question words?

a. What

b. Want

c. Which

d. How

Q33. Which of these is the correct way to convert the sentence
“You are studying” into a question?

a. You are studying?

b. Studying you are?

c. Are you studying?

d. Studying are you?

Short Answer Questions

Q34. Write down the seven factors affecting perspectives in

Q35. Give an example of the following:
(a) Clear communication
(b) Complete communication

Communication Skill Class 9

Q36. Write down the different types of verbal communication.
Give an example for each type

Q37. Give examples of any four common signs used for visual

Q38. Identify the conjunctions and prepositions (Remember,
conjunctions join two sentences while prepositions help answer the words ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’.). Choose the conjunctions and prepositions from the box given below and list in the correct box.

Under, And, In, At, Or, Up

Q39. Write one sentence of each type—statement, question,
exclamatory and order.

Q40. Write two to three lines you would use to introduce

Communication Skill Class 9

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Communication Skill Class 9

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Communication Skill Class 9

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