Societal Impacts Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Societal Impacts Quiz 5

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Q41. A patent protects an invention for ____________ years, after which it can be freely used.

Q42. Patentee has the full right of using, selling, or distributing the protected invention.(T/F)

Q43. ________ includes any visual symbol, word, name, design, slogan, label, etc., that distinguishes the brand from other brands.

Q44. EULA stands for _________________________

Q45. _________________covers all clauses of software purchase, viz., how many copies can be installed, whether source is available, whether it can be modified and redistributed and so on.

Q46. ____________ means using other’s work and not giving adequate citation for use.

Q47. Licensing and copyrights are same terms.(T/F)

Q48. A ___________ is a type of contract between the creator of an original work permitting someone to use their work, generally for some price.

Q49. Presenting someone else’s idea or work as one’s own idea or work is called _____________

Q50. Ravi copy some contents from Internet, but do not mention the source or the original creator. This is an act of __________________

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