Internet & Web Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Internet & Web Quiz 6

Q51. The weakened signal appearing on the cable is regenerated and put back on the cable by a _____________.

Q52. Aman wants to send the signal through wire to a distance of around 130m. At receiver's end, he found that signal is weak. Name a device which will help him to regenerate the signal.

Q53. _____________ is a network device used to connect different devices through wires.

Q54. In _____________ data is sent to all the connected computers.

Q55. In _____________ data is sent to only the specific computers.

Q56. Which of the following is not correct about switch?

Q57. Which of the following device helps to connects a local area network to the internet?

Q58. ______________ device acts as a “gate” between an organisation's network and the outside world of the Internet.

Q59. Which of the following device helps to connect two different network?

Q60. ________________ serves as the entry and exit point of a network.

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