Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402 Book Solution

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Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

communication skill class 10
Communication Skill Class 10

A. Multiple choice questions

Read the questions carefully and circle the letter(s) (a), (b), (c) or (d) that best answer(s) the question. (Note: There can be more than one correct choice)

Q1. Which of the following is NOT an element of communication within the communication process cycle?

(a) Channel
(b) Receiver
(c) Sender
(d) Time

Q2. You need to apply leave at work? Which method of communication will you use?

  1. e-mail
  2. Poster
  3. Newsletter
  4. Blog

Q3. By which action can senders can not send their messages?

(a) Gestures
(b) Speaking
(c) Reading
(d) Writing

Q4. Which of the following is an example of oral communication?

(a) Newspapers
(b) Letters
(c) Phone call
(d) e-mail

Q5. What are the types of words we should use for verbal communication?

(a) Acronyms
(b) Simple
(c) Technical
(d) Jargons

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

Q6. Why do we use e-mails?

(a) To communicate with many people at the same time.
(b) To share documents and files.
(c) To talk to each other in real-time.
(d) To keep a record of communication.

Q7. Which of these is a positive (good) facial expression?

(a) Frowning while concentrating
(b) Maintaining eye contact
(c) Smiling continuously
(d) Rolling up your eyes

Q8. What does an upright (straight) body posture convey or show?

(a) Pride
(b) Professionalism
(c) Confidence
(d) Humility

Q9. Which of these is NOT an appropriate non-verbal communication at work?

(a) Keeping hands in pockets while talking
(b) Talking at moderate speed

(c) Sitting straight
(d) Tilting head a bit to listen

Q10. Which of the following statement is true about communication?

(a) 50% of our communication is non-verbal
(b) 20% communication is done using body movements, face, arms, etc.
(c) 5% communication is done using voice, tone, pauses, etc.
(d) 7% communication is done using words.

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

Q11. Which of these are examples of positive feedback?

(a) Excellent, your work has improved.
(b) I noticed your dedication towards the project.
(c) You are always doing it the wrong way.
(d) All of the above

Q12. Which of these are examples of negative feedback?

(a) I hate to tell you this but your drawing skills are poor.
(b) You can surely improve your drawing.
(c) This is a good drawing but you can do better.
(d) None of the above

Q13. Which of the following are effective components of a good feedback?

(a) Detailed and time consuming
(b) Direct and honest
(c) Specific
(d) Opinion-based

Q14. Which of these is NOT a common communication barrier?

(a) Linguistic barrier
(b) Interpersonal barrier

(c) Financial barrier
(d) Organisational barrier

Q15. Which of these are ways to overcome communication barriers?

(a) Respecting each other’s differences
(b) Using a translator
(c) Not communicating at all
(d) Using your own language for comfort

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

Q16. In which of the following, the underlined word is an adjective?

(a) Radha has a red dress.
(b) I can speak French.
(c) The Girl on the Train is a best-seller.
(d) Abdul can swim fast.

Q17. Which of these sentences is capitalised correctly?

(a) Ravi and i are going to the movies.
(b) Salim is visiting India in july.
(c) The Tiger is a strong animal.
(d) She is arriving on Monday.

Q18. Which of these sentences are punctuated correctly?

(a) When is the party.
(b) I had bread omelette and a Banana for breakfast,
(c) I am so excited about my first foreign trip!
(d) This is Abdul’s notebook.

Q19. In which of these sentences can you find an adverb?

(a) Divya drinks milk every day.
(b) Sanjay gifted me a new pen.
(c) I opened the door lock.
(d) Sita is 5-feet tall.

Q20. Which of these sentences is in active voice?

(a) A movie is being watched by them.
(b) The car was repaired by Raju.
(c) He is reading a book.
(d) The thief was being chased by a policeman.

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

B. Subjective question

Q1. List the different types of verbal communication. Include examples for each verbal communication type.

Q2. Draw any five common signs used for Visual Communication. Explain what each conveys and where did you see it?

Q3. What do you mean by feedback?

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

Q4. Write down the common communication barriers you may come across when you move to a new city or country.

Q5. Identify the conjunctions and prepositions from the list below and write these in the correct box.

Over, Because, Under, And, Since, In, At, Although, Or, Up,
On, Beside

Q6. Write two sentences of each type of sentence—statement, question, exclamatory and order.

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

Disclaimer : I tried to give you the correct solution of “ Communication Skill Class 10 , but if you feel that there is/are mistakes in “ Communication Skill Class 10 ” given above, you can directly contact me at NCERT Book and Study material available on CBSE official website are used as a reference to create above “ Communication Skill Class 10

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

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Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

Communication Skill Class 10 IT 402

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