10+ Bubble Sort Programs (Solved) in python -practice questions

Bubble Sort Programs for Practice Q1. Write a program to arrange the following list in ascending order using bubble sort. Original List = [23, 34, 54, 2, 12, 28] Output List = [2, 12, 23, 28, 34, 54] Q2. Write a program to arrange all alphabets of “csiplearninghub” into descending order using bubble sort. Q3. … Read more

Insertion Sort in Python class 11 with important examples

Insertion Sort in Python with example program What is Insertion Sort in Python? Insertion sort is simple sorting algorithm. It works in the same way as we (teachers) arranges answer sheets of students according to their roll number. This algorithms simply divides the list into two parts ie sorted (left side) and unsorted(right side). It … Read more

Sorting in Python class 11 Notes with important Questions

What is Sorting in Python ? Sorting means to arrange elements in increasing or decreasing order. Sorting algorithm tells us that how we are going to arrange elements in increasing or decreasing order. Output of sorting algorithm depends on the type of comparison operator used to arrange elements. The sorting algorithm takes the elements(numbers or … Read more

Bubble Sort in Python Class 11 Notes – Important Questions

Bubble Sort in Python What is Bubble Sort ? This is a very simple or basic algorithm to arrange elements in a particular order. This algorithm compares repeatedly the adjacent elements of list and swap them if they are not in order. This process of comparing adjacent elements continue until the complete list is sorted. … Read more

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