Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 6

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Q51. Spreadsheet software allows the user to share the workbook.(T/F)
Q52. Several users can access shared workbook simultaneously.(T/F)
Q53. Suman and her friends wants to work together in a spreadsheet. They can do so by
Q54. In Calc "Share Document" dialog box can open by clicking on _________ menu.
Q55. We can not unshare a spreadsheet, once it is shared.(T/F)
Q56. After sharing the worksheet, the word __________ is then shown on the title bar after the worksheet's title
Q57. Share document option available in ________ menu
Q58. The following features are known to be disabled in a shared spreadsheet
Q59. Which of the following buttons are present on "Resolve Conflict" dialog box which appear during saving shared worksheet.
Q60. Any cells modified by the other user in shared worksheet are shown with a ________ border.

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