Best Digital Documentation Class 9 Questions and Answers

Digital Documentation Class 9 Questions and Answers Q1. What do you mean by document and documentation? Q2. What is word processor? Q3. Write any two limitations of using typewriter. Q4. Write any four features of Word Processor. Q5. Name any two Web-based word processor. Q6. Expand FOSS. Q7. Write any two uses of Word Processor. … Read more

Best Sample Paper Class 10 IT-402

Sample Paper Class 10 IT-402 Previous Year CBSE Paper of IT-402 2022 2022 Compartment 2021 CBSE Sample Paper of IT-402 Year 2022 Question Paper Marking Scheme Year 2021 Term-I Question Paper Term-I Marking Scheme Term-II Question Paper Term-II Marking Scheme Year 2020 Question Paper Marking Scheme Practice Paper of IT-402 Year 2022 Sample Paper-1 with … Read more

70+ Important MCQ Introduction to SQL Class 11

Introduction to SQL Q1. Which of the following is not an example of RDBMS? a. MySQL b. Oracle c. PostgreSQL d. None of the above Q2. ___________ is the most popular query language used by major relational database management systems. a. Structured Query Language b. Structured Language of Query c. Language of Structured Query d. … Read more

Database Concepts Class 11 Notes Important Points

Database Concepts Class 11 Notes Manual Record Keeping System : A System where records are maintained by hand, without using a computer system. Advantages of Manual Record Keeping System : It is less expensive. Less risk of data loss. No software specialised person is required. Disadvantages of Manual Record Keeping System : No sharing of … Read more

50+ Important MCQ Database Concept Class 11

Database Concept Class 11 MCQ Q1. ___________________ maintains data about its students, along with their attendance record and guardian details. a. Hostel b. Hospital c. Bank d. School Q2. The class teacher marks daily attendance of the students in the attendance register. The teacher records ā€˜Pā€™ for present or ā€˜Aā€™ for absent. If class strength … Read more

List Manipulation in Python Important Notes Class 11

List Manipulation in Python Syllabus of “List Manipulation” for Computer Science Students according to CBSE Curriculum Lists: introduction, indexing, list operations (concatenation, repetition, membership & slicing),traversing a list using loops, built-in functions: len(), list(), append(), extend(), insert(), count(),index(), remove(), pop(), reverse(), sort(), sorted(), min(), max(), sum(); nested lists, suggestedprograms: finding the maximum, minimum, mean of … Read more

Introduction to AI Class 10 Notes Important for Exams

Introduction to AI Class 10 Notes What is Intelligence? It is the ability to understand and adjust to the environment using own abilities and knowledge. Why Humans are developing machines? Humans have been developing machines to make their lives easier. Machines are made with an intent of accomplishing tasks which are either too tedious for … Read more

70+ Natural Language Processing AI-417 Class 10 Important MCQ

Natural Language Processing Q1. NLP stands for __________ a. New Language Processing b. Number Language Processing c. Natural Language Processing d. Neural Language Processing Q2. Which of the following is not the domain of Artificial Intelligence? a. Data Science b. Computer Vision c. NLP d. Data Vision Q3. Which of the following domain work around … Read more

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