Web Applications Quiz 16

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 16

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Q151. I am a device which convert analog signal to digital signal and vice-versa. Who am I?

Q152. The word modem is derived from its function ________________________

Q153. Which of the following signal can travel over phone lines?

Q154. Which of the following signal can read by computer?

Q155. _______________ is a form of Internet access that uses the facilities of the PSTN.

Q156. For using a DSL connection, you need a ______________ and a ______________.

Q157. _________________ is provided through existing cable TV networks.

Q158. _____________ is a long range system. It is a wireless communications standard designed to provide mobile broadband connectivity across cities.

Q159. Which technology allows an electronic device such as computers or mobile phones to exchange data wirelessly over a network?

Q160. _____________ is used where cables cannot be run (such as old buildings, outdoor areas) to provide network and Internet access.

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