Digital Documentation Quiz 11

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation Quiz 11

Q101. To insert footer in the document, _________________

Q102. To insert an image in your document, select _________.

Q103. Lines, Arrows, Symbols, Stars, Callouts, Flowcharts can be inserted by __________

Q104. To divide the page into columns, select _______________.

Q105. We can not change the size, colour of an inserted image or shape. (T/F)

Q106. We can create table by clicking the Table icon on ________

Q107. Shortcut to insert table in LibreOffice Writer is _________

Q108. Which of the following key combination open Table menu?

Q109. Tables can only be split horizontally.(T/F)

Q110. Anita wants to divide a table into two. Which of the following option will help her?

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