Data Visualization Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Data Visualization Quiz 3

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Q21. To show the grid lines in plot, we can write _____________ #plt is an alias of matplotlib.pyplot

Q22. A _____________ is any symbol that represents a data value in a line chart.

Q23. 'marker' is an attribute of ______________ function.

Q24. Write a statement to display "Amount" as x-axis label. (consider plt as an alias name of matplotlib.pyplot)

Q25. Write a statement to "use * as marker" . (consider plt as an alias name of matplotlib.pyplot)

Q26. Series and DataFrame have their own ______________ function.

Q27. If we have a Series type object (let's say 's1' ) we can call the plot method by writing ______________

Q28. Which attribute of plot( ) function help to specify the type of chart?

Q29. Statement to plot a line chart for data stored in a DataFrame 'df' is _________________

Q30. Attribute/parameter to set marker size is _________________

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