Digital Presentation Quiz 8

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Welcome to your Digital Presentation Quiz 8

Q71. A bulleted list is called ____________

Q72. When we have to write the steps of doing a task , we preferred ____________

Q73. Insertion point or cursor can be moved to next column in table by __________________

Q74. In LibreOffice Impress, to select a cell within a table, position the mouse cursor along its left edge, and when the cursor changes to a sloped white arrow, press ______________ mouse button.

Q75. We can not adjust the row height or column width in LibreOffice Impress.(T/F)

Q76. Which of the following is not the vertical alignment of text?

Q77. ____________ dialog box helps to apply border and background in a table.

Q78. Which of the following tab is not available in Table Properties dialog box?

Q79. Keyboard Shortcut to insert text box in Impress is __________

Q80. We can insert a new column ____________ side of selected cell.

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