Internet & Web Quiz 7

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Welcome to your Internet & Web Quiz 7

Q61. If a node from one network wants to communicate with a node of a foreign network, data packet will pass through _____________

Q62. The arrangement of computers and other peripherals in a network is called ___________________

Q63. Which of the following is not the topology?

Q64. In _____________ topology each communicating device is connected with every other device in the network.

Q65. To build a fully connected mesh topology of n nodes, it requires ___________ wires.

Q66. In a ring topology data can be transmitted only in ____________________

Q67. In bus topology the cable to which the nodes connect is called _____________.

Q68. In __________ topology each device is directly connected with the central device.

Q69. In ________________ topology failure in the central networking device may lead to the failure of complete network.

Q70. _____________ is a hierarchical topology.

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