Python Fundamentals Quiz 13

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Welcome to your Python Fundamentals Quiz 13

Q121. int(123.45) is an example of ____________ .

Q122. int(20.5 + 2.7) and int(20.5) + int(2.7) will produce the same result.(T/F)

Q123. ____________ happens when data type conversion is done automatically by Python.

Q124. Write the output of the following :

num1 = 100 
num2 = 2.0
sum1 = num1 + num2

Q125. In above question ____________ conversion takes place.

Q126. Which of the following function convert the data type of variable 'x' from float to integer?

Q127. Which of the following is explicit type conversion function in Python?

Q128. Fill in the blank in given code :

print("The total in Rs." + __________(70))

Q129. In the given code, an integer value stored in variable num1 is added to a float value stored in variable num2, and the result is stored in variable sum1. This is an example of _________________

sum1 = num1 + num2 

Q130. The process of removing errors from programs is called _____________

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